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* Free Computerized Kitchen Drawings
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Kitchen Cabinets

At Dunshee Builders Supply, we offer competition-beating prices on high-quality solid wood kitchen cabinets (no particle board). Why install kitchen cabinets made cheaply at the large building supply chains when you can have higher quality, solid wood, discount kitchen cabinets?

Free Kitchen Cabinet Quote & Design

We send you free computerized drawings of your new kitchen—just use our quote form to send us the dimensions of your kitchen and what appliances to include, and choose a get a free quote on kitchen cabinetsstyle from our photo gallery. Then we’ll work with you to get the exact design that fits your needs. Within a week of your order, we deliver to your door assembled kitchen cabinets, ready to install.

Free Delivery

We offer free pad-wrapped delivery of your kitchen cabinets on orders over $3,000 in the San Mateo to Lake County corridor. Outside of that area, our mileage charge is $1 per mile. We will always work with you to get the lowest delivery charge for your kitchen. Door samples can be shipped direct to you, the deposit is $20.00 per door and $15.00 for shipping. Please take a look at our price lists. You will be pleased!
We guide you through the process. We help you get the best kitchen for your budget. Call us at 1-707-295-6756 or use our contact form to get started today! NO KITCHEN LEFT BEHIND!

  Better Business Bureau “A” rating for the past 4 years.  Better Business Bureau

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