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Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Countertops

If you are using stock cabinets from Home Depot or a lumber yard not only can I save you money, you will have a superior cabinet! Give me a call or use my contact form. I offer free computer design and usually will get your kitchen design in a few hours. I will get you the written free quote in 24 hours! For the layout please get the wall dimensions and all the important information to me using my easy to follow measurement forms.

I offer free pad wrapped delivery on orders over $3,000.00. Mileage charges do apply for deliveries that are not local to Lake County (ask me what the charge will be, often I can deliver 2 kitchens in an area at once to cut the mileage charge). Door samples can be shipped direct to you, the deposit is $20.00 per door and $15.00 for shipping. Please take a look at our price lists. You will be pleased!

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